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Ideal Client

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Carol’s ideal client is a company that appreciates professional writing infused with warmth, compassion, and humor where appropriate. Her ideal customer also understands the difference between shallow writing and writing that illustrates depth and understanding.


Author Carol Bradley Bursack, operating as Minding Our Elders, writes articles and blog posts for her clients' websites. She is a veteran caregiver, having spent more than two decades as the primary caregiver for a combination of seven elders. Carol consults with website owners and managers to help them better understand what caregivers and elders need to know and what kind of support they need. She also moderates forums and Q&A sessions with caregivers and seniors. Carol's unique talent shines when she writes as a columnist as she has for several websites and newspapers. She could represent you.

· Testimonials About Carol’s Work ·


Oh Carol, this is so beautifully written! This topic is one that only someone like you—someone who’s been a family caregiver and who’s also known a lot of professional caregivers—could tackle with such grace and balance.

Best regards,

…Anne-Marie Botek

As usual Carol…I read your reply and it brought tears. You are such a gift. THANK YOU so much for those words of comfort to Ramblingman. You always offer such valid and tangible advice. I appreciate you!

…Melissa Roman

Let me paint a picture for you. This is the literal truth…before I get out of bed EVERY morning, I reach for my cellphone and launch my email app, and go straight to your article. That's how important they are to me.

…Craig Dayton, Composer

'that was one of the most concise and information wise articles ive read in years. damn, the woman can write.

hell yea, learn from your mistakes and move onward. thats common-sensical and damn rational.'


Carol, I love, love, love your work! Always a blessing to help others find your wisdom and compassion.

…Ian Kremer @LEAD_Coalition

Carol Bradley Bursack @mindingourelder has simple, compassionate, uplifting advice for burnt out carers here. She's like a very special penfriend for the isolated.


I wish there was a way we could make your columns mandatory reading for caregivers, especially those just getting started.

…Bob Tolbert