Protecting Your Privacy Always


Minding Our Elders does not sell or otherwise share subscriber information with third parties. 

Subscribers to the Minding Our Elders blog or newsletter are not required to provide information beyond their email addresses. The person signing up, after submitting their email address and confirming their subscription through their own email, can choose how often to receive newsletters.


Blog post comments are subject to Typepad self-identification requirements but they only ask for emails addresses unless you choose to add more information.

If you wish to unsubscribe to either, there is an unsubscribe link to take you through the quick process. 

Anyone asking a question through the contact form can choose whether or not to add a  first name although an email address will be needed so that you can receive an answer. Again, this information will not be shared or sold in any way.

Continued storing of email addresses or other information after someone asks a question or unsubscribes is subject to GoDaddy (questions), Hootsuite (newsletter), or Typepad (blog comments). All three companies are highly respected and have strong protections in place to protect your privacy.